When new year arrives, we all have this kind of willpower that makes us capable of moving the world. We finally break unhealthy habits and keep promises of becoming better people.

Thinking about this matter, we all have this bad habit of leaving behind objects that no longer interest us. So, today, with all the motivation, I bring to you some tips on how to get free of your clutter and, believe me, you’ll get addicted to it!

Let’s do it?

Start by picking up 3 boxes or finding some space in the ground.

Box 1. For the things you want to throw to the garbage.

Box 2. For the things you’ll donate/sell.

Box 3. For items you’re not sure what to do with.

From here it’s simple. By each division of the house, you select everything thoroughly. Look at the drawers, look into expiration dates and see if little domestic appliances still work. Do not get lost. It is important to focus on one division at a time, so that your home do not get chaotic. To each item ask yourself: Does this object have any purpose in my life? Does it bring me happiness? No? Then it’s easy, put it in the box number 2.

For paper memories you want to keep for posterity, why not digitalize them? For items that have special meaning, but you’re just keeping them not to hurt relatives, why not offer them to a friend? What you do not want anymore and anything that still have utility and it is in good condition, donate to institutions or make gift-exchanges between friends.

Do not forget, that the best way to be more sustainable (and responsible) is to use the resources that are available to you.

So, let’s get free of all the clutter and an happy new year!


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