“What is a sustainable curation network?” was probably your thought when you read the title.

About nine months ago, Joana was having lunch and could not stop thinking about how our lives are so controlled by our consumerism behaviours and how that idea made her so sad. “Most people don’t know how to make responsible and informed  choices; our environment is being harmed by humans and it’s like we don’t even care; our rights as humans are violated everyday; our mental and physical heatlh is endangered…”. At the same time, she realized she knew a bunch of awesome people who made awesome stuff almost with their bare hands! “I love Marta’s granola and cakes; I need those wooden bowls and spoons made by Nuno in my kitchen; and those wood surfboards that Vasco spends all his spare time producing could be the perfect gift for my husband this Christmas…”.

And that was when she knew she had to call her bestfriend, yes, that is me!, and tell her all about this incredible network  of great talented people she knew. We spent almost two hours talking about this (did I tell you it was our lunch time? Well, it was a big one…!) and I immediatly realized I knew some people with great talent and life experiences too. We ended up discussing how nowadays information is thrown at us at such a way that we can’t even distinguish what is right from wrong, what is true from what is not trustworthy, and that most of the times we don’t even know where the stuff we buy comes from. I also told her we should discuss that idea later that day because I wanted to tell her all I knew about social economy, solidarity, corporate social responsibility, fair trade and community empowerment because I truly believed those matters were crucial.

That night, over tea (for Joana) and coffee (for me), we decided to talk about those topics with this other friend of ours, Marta, and ask her to write a review on one of those green products she spends her time trying to make us using it too. And so she did. Not only we were amazed by her writing skills (which we already knew but we had forgotten about for our college days are long gone) but most importantly we instantly decided that Marta had to join this little plan of ours. And then we were three! A few days later I called Joana and told her I wanted to include Matilde on this insane plan of gathering all those people we knew, because I had a strong feeling that she would fall in love for it, as she is a strong advocate of sharing, developing communities and focusing on the greater good. I was right.

After a few Skype meetings (thank God Marta doesn’t live in a totally different timezone!) we started calling, texting, sending e-mails… And the network started growing, and growing, and growing, and more amazing friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends kept joining the network with amazing content, products, services and social activation ideas.

“But, wait! You haven’t told me what a sustainable curation network is!” Well, you’re right. I got so excited telling you how this journey started I almost forgot what the main goal was. At least now you know how this network was born, right?

Stay tuned – I will get back here very soon! 🙂

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