All the buzz is true; the legions of passionate devotees are all right and I am sure another week won’t go by with me not visiting Frank at least twice while having my morning wake-me-up shower. Yes, it is that good! And even better if shared, not only with Frank but also with your boyfriend or girlfriend or with a friend or maybe two.

Co-founded by 3 women, Erika Geraerts, Bree Johnson and Jess Hatzis along with Steve Rowley and Alex Boffa in their home country of Australia, Frank Body premise is simple: skincare should be simple. No parabens, PGES (platinum-group elements), or phtalates, no silicones or sulphates, no mineral oil, no glycol, no DEA (diethanolamine) or TEA (thriethanolamine). Only naturally derived ingredients: coconut oil, mint extract, cinnamon, sugar, and a whole lotta freshly roasted and ground robusta beans and green coffee extract. A WHOLE LOTTA coffee, something you cannot miss from the moment you get your Frank from the snail mail till your next jump in the shower with Frank.

Because every body needs a little tough love, it all started with the Original Body Scrub.  A special blend of natural ingredients (roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, cold pressed sweet almond oil, Vitamin E and sea salt), Frank scrubs away dry, flaky skin and targets pesky skin conditions like cellulite, stretch marks, eczema and psoriasis, revealing the best of you. A smooth, silky, yummy you. The freshly ground coffee beans stimulate blood flow, the cold pressed sweet almond oil promotes skin healing, hydrates and nourishes, the Vitamin E fights off pesky free radicals that cause dryness and fine lines, prevents cellular damage and the effects of pollution, while acting as an anti-inflammatory and the sea salt reduces inflammation, and targets skin conditions and imperfections and scrubs away to reveal the smoothest  and the most heavenly scented skin.

The process is also simple, hassle-free: you order Frank from the official website, you wait 3-5 days depending on where in the world you are (maybe 10-15 if you are currently residing in Kiribati or Burundi, I reckon), you jump in the shower with Frank in hand, you get dirty massaging in circular motions, concentrating on problem areas (using as mush scrub as you need), you leave for 5/ 10 minutes for Frank to dry (and work its magic, while trying not to Pollock your bathroom), rinse it off and experience #thefrankeffect.

One of the fastest-growing brands owned, based and made in Australia, Frank’s success has been global and once you try it you’ll definitely understand why. No, I am not underestimating the impact of the aggressive marketing strategy on Instagram, urging people to take naked selfies and posting them while experiencing Frank (check it out, it will make your day sexier, funnier, unapologetic and pink!) but truth be told, it is good, it is really good, it is THAT good. It delivers the most amazing, beautiful skin I have experienced in my life (and I have tested quite a handful of creams, scrubs and multiple other promising concoctions, more than I am willing to admit it out loud, believe me) using 100% natural ingredients, blended together through sustainable processes, and it’s cruelty-free (I love penguins and seals and dolphins too much, and you probably do too).

Frank Body Scrub now comes in the original scent, coconut, peppermint and cacao and the body range includes body balms and creams that hydrate and nourish skin. Frank has also recently added a range of caffeinated face products that include a creamy face cleanser, creamy facial scrub and everyday face moisturizer because coffee fixes things, makes sense, feels good and looks good too.


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