If you are anything like us, you absolutely love a great #fresh popsicle in the peak of summer. Especially if you are in Lisbon, in August, in forty-something degree weather. Trust me, it is not as cool as you think. UAU gives you the opportunity to eat sorbet in a #natural, #fresh and #colorful way, by providing delicious artisanal made popsicles.

Flavour. Color. Cold. Everything you need in summer – and in winter, actually!

We came to meet UAU by chance. We walked through their amazing space at Doca de Santo Amaro, in Alcântara, Lisbon, and we ended up eating too much ice cream – because it felt so light and fresh – and it hit us. What if we paired their chef’s knowledge of “ice cream on a stick” with our network of amazing bio and fair trade talent? Magic.

We are now creating a line of popsicles made with organic, local and seasonal fruit, with no refined sugar added, replacing it with stevia and organic honey made by urban bees (yep, that’s a thing, and we intend to fill in on that later).

The first 4 test flavors sweetened with stevia and honey – pineapple, carrot & orange, beet fruit & banana, lime & lemon – are going to be available at our launching event, on July 1st. And you are more than welcome to come and taste them.

Oh, and please do not forget to give feedback on the idea.


We’ll tell you more about this idea over the next few weeks and we’ll share pictures, videos and other information on our Instagram account as we try new things.


Want to join us? Click here and start helping. We’ll fill you in on other amazing opportunities to get involved.