We want our network to grow, and grow, and grow. We are currently searching for awesome writers, photographers, videographers and content creators with unique experiences and knowledge to share.


We would love to have you creating content about the following categories and topics:

– ANGLES // photography: Show us a fresh perspective from a different angle of a usual concept.

– BEING HUMAN // sex & relationships: We’re all about passion, feeling good with our naked selves and the greater pleasures in life.

– FAMILY TIME // In this life you get to choose you own family and that’s why we celebrate all kinds of it! Tell us about your home, kids and pets and how you they contribute to your balnace, happiness and well-being.

– GREEN EDIT // products & lifestyle: Today’s consumerism behaviour will lead us all to such nefast consequences that we definitely need to change that. If you agree with us let our network know more about smart consumerism, fair trade, ethical fashion, smart living and all those new shopping paradigms.

– HOW I SEE IT // politics & human rights: In a world where wars make the headlines everyday, where politics is underrated by so many young people, or where there are violations to our human rights that we don’t even notice, our network needs to hear about all sorts of opinions, concerns, values and beliefs.

– MAKERS // artisans & creatives: Do you have a friend who handmades a product? Do you know a community who is selling something that produced by themselves with locals? Let us know about people who make beautiful things!

– NERDY TALK // science & technology: If you think geek is the new sexy, we most certainly need to hear about your thoughts on complex concepts, scientific breakthroughs and other nerdy stuff that we don’t care about most of the time, just because we don’t fully understand it.

– PERCEPTIONS // arts & culture: books, songs, films, theatre and all kinds of cultural events are a huge part of a happy life. Share with our network what you’ve been reading, listening and watching!

– THE DELI // food & recipes: Foooooood! *drools* Have you noticed we have a thing with food around here? Tell us all about your healthy recipes attempts, the newest food markets in your town or what you ate at your favorite restaurant!

– WALK THE TALK // influencers & activism: Social activism, volunteering and solidarity are huge standards of our activity. We would love to hear about all the social initiatives you may know or just to meet that one person that has a major social role in your community.

– WELLNESS // health & fitness: To live a happy life, balance is key. Share with our network all your secrets about mind, body and soul balance.

– WORLD TOUR // world & travel: If you had the opportunity to make a lifetime trip to an unusual country tell us all about your adventures and the ideas you can share with other travellers. You can also share with our network your favorite place in the world or tourism tips in your hometown!


Send us an e-mail to blog@amontra-thewindow.com telling us in which theme (or themes) you would like to write and any ideas you may have for a series of articles. Please include a little of your background story, any links featuring your creative work that you think we should see and a sample post with at least 1500 and no more than 3000 characters (with spaces) written in English or Portuguese (or both!). We can’t wait to hear from you!


If you think you can contribute in any other way, check our contact page and send us some love!