Summer is my favorite time of the year (I was born in July!) and Lisbon is my city, so I think there’s no better way to start our Sustainable Calendar. Whether you’re already on vacation or even if you just want some tips to enjoy the beautiful Lisbon city during the weekend, I am here to help you find the sustainable way to do it.


Zero Waste Home, The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying your Life by Reducing your Waste (Scribner, 2013 )
This book was written by the no-waste-queen Bea Johnson, who lives by the motto of keeping her entire year’s waste in a jar. It’s translated in 11 languages and I am sure you can find one you can read on your local library. Yes, you read correctly. When was the last time you were in a library? Take the time to do it now! Or read more about this lifestyle on Bea’s blog.



“Noites de Verão 2016” @ Palácio Pombal + Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado
Every Friday until August 26th at 7:30PM you can watch a concert for free! Isn’t it amazing? Enjoy Lisbon’s Summer nights and take a walk instead of driving your car. More information here.



There’s a lot of food markets out there, so PLEASE buy food locally. Farmers markets are great places to shop because you’re helping little producers to grow and making sure your fruits and vegetables haven’t travelled thousands of miles just to reach your plate.



“Constelações” @ Teatro Aberto
Originally written by Nick Paine and premiered at the Royal Court Theatre (Liverpool) in 2012, Constellations is a two-hander play that has been re-staged by the Portuguese director João Lourenço. A piece about love and death in parallel universes and multiple space-time dimensions, played by João Laginha and Joana Brandão. Put your cell-phone away for a few minutes, stay away from everyday problems and enjoy! More information here.



#faceforgreen from Sociedade Ponto Verde
It’s the season of music festivals and we all love it right? Sociedade Ponto Verde (a non-profit organization that manages the integrated system of packages’ waste collection and process in Portugal) has developed a movement on social media that wants to encourage fans, artists and festival organizations to be more sustainable. The idea is that simple – paint your face green and post it on social media with the hashtag #faceforgreen. By doing that you’re saying that you want music festivals to reduce their CO2 emissions, to encourage using recycled materials, to promote car-sharing and any other measures that can greener the so-loved concerts we all go to. All posts so far here.