One night, after leaving Joana’s house (which by the way has been used as our office too!), I felt the urge to call Matilde and ask her if we could meet somewhere.

Unfortunately she had other plans but I remember saying the right words to keep Matilde interested “I want to tell you everything about this project I’m starting and I want you to join it. It’s about cooperation, participation, empowerment, engagement and it screams your name all over it!”.

I was right – it didn’t pass another day without her wanting to know what it was all about.

Soon as Matilde understood what the idea was, she was the one telling us we were much more a network that brought people together than a content aggregator. “Do you understand the difference?”, she asked, “Our network is based on the idea of sharing, so we need to pay attention to every form it may take!”. And that was when she explained us how she was planning to activate and make this network grow throughout its inner features.

TAKE PART (actually, that was the perfect name for it and we knew it right away!) is the part of our project responsible for making sure that real-life sharing events happen, to mobilize everyone around social issues and trying to find new solutions for them together. And, also, for calling for talents, because that was how this whole thing started, right?

To ensure this message was clear for anyone who would be interest in joining the project, we wrote a MANIFESTO explaining our goals and values. You can read it here.

So now that you know A MONTRA / THE WINDOW is made of talented people with sustainable ideas that can be sold (on our store) or written about (on our blog) and also a social activation model that brings all of these people and ideas from the online to the offline world, I hope you find our project as amazing as we do!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about any part of this project. If you just want to say ‘hi’, we will surely appreciate that as well 🙂 Just TALK WITH US.

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