I’m a Creative/Performance coach currently running a coaching practice as a “Mind Guru”, in which the ultimate goal is to inspire you to raise your consciousness to the next level of self-awareness.

I was always interested in discovering principles and systems to how universe and humanity work in every fundamental level, so I constantly explore science and spirituality.

Not many of us are aware of our thinking patterns, beliefs and behaviors – the main components that create our reality, our 3D world, but everyone has the power to be intuitive to create knowledge.

By knowing the fundamental principles of how our mind and universe works everyone can start shifting their awareness to more advanced levels of consciousness – a 5D world.

Creativity, your superpower

Creativity is our unique birth right power and natural gift which every one of us has. The nature of creation is embedded into us – if you don’t believe it look at the children.

The purpose of this article is to bring you awareness about your creative powers and empower you to create the life YOU ALWAYS WANTED (without any compromises).

There will be more articles following this one which will help you understand how to develop the best version of yourself.

Can we lose our creative connection?

When did we lose our creative power and why do so many of us feel like we are not in control of our life? To explain this I need to describe the process of how we learn.

Since we were born we’ve been taught how to behave and more often how not to behave. One interesting experiment was done with kids to see how their reality is formed: scientists attached cameras to very young children for a whole day to see what their lives looked like; results were shocking – 85 percent of them were given orders to not to do this or that.

Kid making giant bubbles

As kids we tend to think that reality is what we see around us. Our main understanding and believes about the world are formed after the age of 7. When we reach our teenage years we are still not totally aware of who we are and most of us are already being asked to make important decisions about the rest of our life.

There’s no surprise that so many of us are lost and don’t know what to choose professionally, because as young people we don’t know what we are capable of or what do we want.

Millions of people choose to live reactively – lead a responsive life, because that’s what they have been taught in school – and “to behave” becomes the most familiar and dominant skill. At some point in our early lives we start following the rules and norms of what is expected from our parents and surrounding, so eventually we become a copy of them.

We feel the need to fit into social standards and to be accepted. We stop questioning things. Unconsciously we are striving to fit into society, we want recognition and to please our family, co-workers, loved ones, etc., we want to feel accepted. Instead of being creative.

But at the same time people are always looking for the job where they can express their creativity and, most of the time, job satisfaction comes from self-expression and freedom to create. In business, great leaders trust other people creative powers and abilities. They make you feel important instead of you making them feel important – that’s the manager’s role.

Natural systems are designed in favor of your natural powers (natural systems are built on a few fundamental principles, to which I’ll refer later on this article).

Intuition and decisions

People make important decisions based on their emotions thoughts and knowledge, instead of trusting their intuitive knowledge.

Intuition is a form of creativity.

How many times did you had a feeling to do or not to do something and you did the opposite of what your intuition told you and regretted you’ve done it so?


Yes, intuition and creativity go hand in hand and we have to practice the waking up of that power again. Why? Because it always works in our favor. Our Subconscious mind does the same. It tells you what to do to make you happy.

Let me tell you a story about Sarah: she is a naturally creative person, who was working in a really good company where being late was strictly forbidden; after being late a few times (even being 5 minutes late counts) she was doing everything she could think of not to be late, but somehow it didn’t matter what she did – she was still coming late to work; she didn’t like the job there anyway, because it was very robotic, always the same and boring tasks, which basically clashed with her creative nature and caused a subconscious conflict; but being fired from her job for being late would not be pleasant, because it meant rejection – one of people’s biggest fears in the world.

The reason why she couldn’t get to work on time was because her subconscious mind was in favor of making her happy and resolve her internal conflict.

Curiosity and the power of questions

Asking questions is one of the strongest skills you can develop throughout the years. I, for one, am always naturally curious about everything around me. I became a life coach way before I realized I was one. And I would like to share my secrets with you.

  • Always follow your curiosity and intuition.
  • Question everything around you.
  • Don’t take anything for granted.

Why? Because our perception is banded.

Because of emotions and thoughts in our head we tend to see reality way different than what it is.  One of the necessary things the creative person should have is the ability to see reality the way it is. It may sound easy, but it is not. We tend to exaggerate things in positive or negative ways.

Here is something to try at home – before making any decision ask yourself: “What is my intuition telling me about this?” or “What is obvious about this situation?”.

When you ask these questions your subconscious mind will start “googling” the answers and it will always work in your favor, because that’s how natural systems and their fundamental principles work.

Fundamental principles are always in play

There is a strong difference between artificial and natural systems.

Through the ages society has developed certain rules, as it had to be done to help people live together. Now: do you believe your life purpose is to earn money and pay taxes? I hope you don’t.

Artificial and natural systems

Any economic system is an artificial system designed to serve itself. Our natural ability, which is really powerful, is to create –that’s a natural system. The secret is to get the most money we can out of creation.

Employees are people who focus on keeping the system going – so the power of creation is limited to the process within what they create. But the true action of creation is to manifest something out of nothing. That’s where the beauty of creation lies. Ideas come prior to creation.

This reasoning allows us to define one of natural system’s fundamental principles – everything is consciousness.

While coaching people I can see clearly how our identity sabotages us.

How to create?

Creativity is not only connected to art, music, paintings… we can be creative while driving, cleaning our house, working, playing football and so on.

Look at the kids – they are amazing at creating and imagining things. How come? They just live in the moment. And being in the moment is key and essential to be creative. That’s why people do meditation and take Yoga classes.

Many of us recognize that feeling when we start doing something and we get into a specific mood in which we are really focused on something, so much so that we forget our surroundings.

That’s living in the moment or in other terms access your higher consciousness.

To this day nobody can describe the process of creation – it is a mystery by itself. What we can control is the end result we want to achieve, since our mind is challenge orientated.

Another very important thing to remember is to release our creative spirit – our thoughts, emotions and feelings are not real. Once we get rid of them and learn to be in the moment magic and synchronicity will start happening every day.

For example, I didn’t like to wait for the train on the platform so I decided to put my creative powers to test, which meant focusing on the desired end result: “every time I arrive to the tube station I will see the train approaching the station”.

And, guess what. For the whole month, 97 percent of the time, when I came to the station the train was approaching the platform. I even started giggling secretly to myself every time I got there.

Tube train

This happens only when we learn to live in the moment. To see things the way they are. To imagine the world from the eyes of a child. It is not about being naive, it is about seeing reality the way it is, not exaggerating it in positive or negative ways. No past, no future, no emotions, just NOW.