On the 1st day of July A MONTRA / THE WINDOW gathered its network in Lisbon, in front of the beautiful Tagus River, with the purpose of launching our website. I will now tell you how this launching event marks our path – the path we want for this project.

When Joana and Rita told me about this whole project, there was one sentence that made me want to be a part of it immediately: “This can be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. You can really apply the things you believe in!”. I’m not sure they knew exactly what that meant and not even I was sure about it; but now I do know!

From that moment on I’ve been believing more and more on cooperation and building together better lives. It still amazes me how fast we built this informal network as a concept and even before having an website online.

Rita already told you all about this, right? Here, here and here.

To mark the launching of the website we wanted to create a moment that showed exactly what we are: a network. This launching could be whatever we wanted but we knew it had to show us as we are.

Having the opportunity to imagine and create something from scratch and a place to build a real experience is one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced!

We had a bigger and bigger network of talented people to present to all of you; we had another network (that thankfully we still have) of friends and family cheering for us and ready to take action and help us; and we also had… An event to organize!

Matilde, co-founder

Hi there! This is me, Matilde, so very excited with how well the event was going.

When we were searching for the perfect place to do so, we partnered with UAU, a popsicle bar with inextricable and enthusiastic workers – the kind of qualities you can only see in those people who really love what they do.

When we first sat with UAU’s manager we realized that the wide range of ideas we could arrange was much more than a simple event, so we initiated an amazing experience (that you can follow on our blog, starting here) of creating a healthier line of ice-creams, sugared with stevia. Those who were there had the opportunity to taste it and they will surely tell you to stay tuned!

Being sure about what we wanted to do for the launch and having the perfect place to do it, people around us became woodworkers, drivers, creatives, curators and even professional booklet folders! Several working hours with our friends and families, our talents and our partners made it possible for us to gather all these amazing people on the 1st of July, celebrating the first big step of this project.

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It was the first time we came clean about everything we had been doing for the past 9 months. We literally hanged surf boards, knitted baby booties, illustrations, cereal bars, clothes, decoration stuff and artisanal Portuguese beer all under the same ceiling. All made by people who work and create based on the idea of sustainability, equity and happiness.

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We tasted “baby” KEIL’s cold pressed juices; we celebrated by dancing to the sound of our amazing friend and incredible DJ Joana Sousa, who also designed the brand for us; we could register all of this in photographs because only Catarina Lopes knows literally all the angles of our talents and their products.

We had tons of special people with us that night, watching us becoming something real. With our fantastic network we launched our website knowing that this is only the beginning. We are starting together and that is how we know it’s a good start!

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During all of this I realized what that sentence I heard really meant: we can actually do what we believe in, and more important how we believe it should be done.

I do believe in the power of cooperation, not only because I was raised based in those values and I studied all forms of it, but also because I choose to (or at least I like to think so).

THANK YOU to every one of you who made this 1st of July your day too!