Oporto is one of those cities that perfectly blends tradition and innovation, without ever replacing and completing each other in an extraordinary way – you can feel it on the streets, museums, restaurants… August is a great month to visit Oporto because the city is full of life and there are wonderful beaches to meet around (maybe with a little bit cold water than the southern beaches but still beautiful!).

Here are some tips to make the best of Oporto this August!



“Verão na Casa”@ Casa da Música
Casa da Música (which literally means “house of music”, but has so much more to offer!) is one of the most iconic cultural venues in the city. “Verão na Casa” (a cultural program suring Summer) has started in June with the opening of “Café Casa da Música”, and has an incredible schedule throughout the Summer. There are concerts for every taste, from jazz to fado, pop and several DJs . The complete schedule can be found here.



Francesinha Vegetariana @ Em Carne Viva
O Em Carne Viva (which literally means something like “fresh meat”) is a vegetarian restaurant, located in an old restored building in Avenida da Boavista, which makes a fantastic reinterpretation of the best traditional portuguese cuisine. In addition to the vegetarian francesinha it is possible to taste other adapted classic dishes as “tofu à Lagareiro” (which is a typical fish dish). Please note that francesinhas are only available on Thursdays and Saturdays at lunch. The restaurant has a garden in the back that is perfect for hot August days, which is also a coffee shop and wine bar.



“PIGS” @ Galeria Municipal do Porto
The “PIGS” exhibition, curated by Blanca de La Torre, is open until August 21st in Galeria Municipal do Porto (the city’s gallery). This exhibition is part of a larger project that gathers the most austerity affected eurozone countries, to which refers the acronym PIGS: Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. The artworks are made by artists from the four countries and reflect on European unification and the relationship between the North and South of Europe.



Day & Night @ Parque de Serralves

Every time I travel to Oporto this is a stop that I never ever go without. Parque de Serralves is classified as a National Monument since 2012 and is one of those places to visit and revisit, where you always find something new.

During August there are at least two more great reasons to go or return to this park:

– Make a night visit to the monument, which is open until midnight (until August 28th) and let yourself live the magic of “Há Luz no Parque” (which means “There is light in the Park”. Cute anh?) You can check the entire program here.

– Visit the exhibition “O Parque em Macro II” which ends on August 31st and exposes the invisible to the naked eye details of small objects and living beings. The fauna and flora of the park served as a motto for the macrophotographies used on the exhibition.



Canoe ride @ Douro River

The Douro River is beautiful and the boat trips are one its main attractions in Oporto. To take the most of the river and to see the bridges and the port from the perspective of Douro itself, what about replacing the usual cruise by a canoe? The Douro Academy in Gaia’s dock rents canoes and takes you on a trip in the river.


This post was originally written in Portuguese. Chick here for the original version.