With a brand new season ahead – and, oh, what a beautiful season fall is – who resists the urge to put together a new wardrobe with the buzz of glamorous fashion weeks and, of course, the Vogue Fashion Night Out craze on September 15th?

A MONTRA / THE WINDOW is all-in for change, but always for the better. As consumers we have the power and the oportunity to define the world we want to live in and every purchase is the commercial equivalent to a vote on that.

We are for no-waste consumerism, minimalistic goals, ethically minded consumers and sustainable and fair-trade brands. So here is our proposal of a Lisbon’s itinerary for the most fashionable night of the year, complete with bonus tips on how to shop ethically.


The ethical fashionista’s itinerary to #VFNO2016 by MW

 1 – Entre Tanto Indoor Market
Rua da Escola Politécnica, 42

This indoor market sells “trendy, convenient and spontaneous ideas” and its home to almost 20 independent retailers. If you have never been there we promise you it will be worth your time just to visit Castilho Palace, a seventeenth century building that is a classic example of residential architecture by Marquês de Pombal. And it’s pet friendly! Here are the most ethical brands to look for at Entre Tanto:

By Stró 

This beautiful brand is all for artisanal, small-scale and minimum-waste manufacturing. The production process of each piece considers its environmental and social impact to detail, with By Stró embracing every chance to support local communities and small domestic industries. All textiles are fair-trade with the wool and burel – a traditional Portuguese fabric – coming from happy sheep from Serra da Estrela. A source of sustainable and long-lasting fashion and home products.

By Stró

By Stró

FIND: Those traditional Portuguese flat caps, warm and stylish for the new season (37.50€).

Fora Sunglasses

This premium Portuguese eyewear line is an extremely stylish example that an ethical production chain makes for a high quality result. Their sunglasses are handmade in Portugal, using Italian Mazzucchelli acetate and Carl Zeiss Vision Lenses. Mazzucchelli is the market leader in the production of acetate, and they process what would be acetate waste into black sunglasses’ frames for several other brands.

Fora Sunglasses

Fora Sunglasses

FIND: The truly unique model Stranger in Pearl, which has been sold out for a while (145€).


 2 – Embaixada Shopping Gallery
Praça do Príncipe Real, 26

This shopping gallery is also located in an iconic building, Ribeiro da Cunha Palace, from the XIX century, and it “hosts a series of national brands and artists focused on Portuguese design, craftsmanship, fashion, gastronomy and culture”. Here are some ethical made in Portugal brands you can find at Embaixada.

Organii Bebé

This is the place to go for ecological childcare. Everything a mom-to-be, a baby or a child could need but in its better version. Green and organic products, vegan options, fair-trade certificated accessories. Take your ethical pick at this beautiful store.


Organii Bebé

FIND: To make a baby (or a mom) happy get the wonderfully nourishing Badger Balms (7,20€).

Boa Safra

Here you will find an attractive selection of products for your eco-home. It’s an authentic green design for the home paradise, where you can buy minimalistic, sustainable and locally produced furniture and decorative pieces completely guilt-free. Most pieces are from well-known Portuguese designers.


Boa Safra

FIND: Their best seller Tree Wall Hanger, a simple and functional design example (53€).


 3 – Pelcor
Pátio do Tijolo

An entire brand built on a very Portuguese and very unique material: cork skin. Browse the store to find sustainable fashion accessories, manufactured with eco-friendly materials in local factories, from an organization that actively contributes to the renewal of the Portuguese cork oak forests. Pelcor products are the result of a slow production process, since it takes 20 to 25 years before the first cork can be removed from a cork oak, a process that can only be repeated every nine years.

FIND: Their Bumblebee clutch (98€) and the most trendy fall dog collar in the market (23€).


 4 – Atelier 1200
Travessa da Boa Hora, 30

We can’t help but feeling like this is A MONTRA / THE WINDOW’s home in Bairro Alto. This gorgeous store is home of three of the talents of our sustainable curation network. At the same place you will have the opportunity to get to know and acquire pieces by Mazurca handmade, Oficina Shanti – Made in Travelling and Oficina 166, like the ones you can find in our online store. These very talented women create unique products using artisanal techniques. In a really small scale and without waste, using wonderful natural and fair-trade textiles. During #VFNO2016 you will even be able to enjoy a demonstration of the techniques used for the manufacturing of their unique products.

FIND: Mazurca's bags (35€), Shanti's shoes (34,9€) and Oficina 166's dreamcathers (POR).


 5 – Skunkfunk
Rua Nova do Almada, 82-84

We often get asked about how an old, big corporation, based on capital, can suddenly become aware of its ethical responsibilities and work towards achieving a more sustainable and fair operation model. Well, this brand is a prime example on that, with extremely tangible results. From the first t-shirts sold at music festivals in the 90’s to the over 700 stores they now own worldwide, another thing got bigger and more serious: their commitment to sustainability. Since 2004 the production has been transitioning to sustainable fibers and it’s now certified by the world’s leading standard for environmental criteria along the entire organic supply chain. The brand is also part of the Chetna Organic Project.

FIND: Their zero waste capsule collection! A dress costs around 69,95€.


  // Honorable mention – Näz
Praça do Rossio

We could not finish this guide to Vogue Fashion Night Out 2016 in Lisbon without mentioning NäZ, our currently favorite Portuguese green clothing brand. NäZ was created by a fashion designer with a clear concern with people and the environment. Cristiana Costa investigates on the most ethical and ecological fabrics, selects recycled raw materials and produces everything in a way that does not create waste. You can find her at Praça do Rossio, right in front of D. Maria II National Theatre.


FIND: Her new collection of Australian wool coats with recycled paper buttons (POR).


 // Bonus tips on ethical shopping (or on enjoyable shopping, really)

1 – Use public transportation.

2 – Buy less. We know this isn’t what you want to be told right before a shopping marathon, but really, there’s no better way to be ethical while shopping: be selective, buy only what you need or really, REALLY want.

3 – Look for things that are second hand, recycled, recyclable or refillable – the goal is to produce minimum waste.

4 – Bring your own bag and say NO! to plastic bags and containers.

5 – If you MUST stray from this itinerary (yes, we will probably make a few detours too) go for the stores marked with an ‘S’ on this VFNO list, where you can buy the tote bag to participate in VFNO Solidária’s campaign against bullying and children discrimination in partnership with Associação Princesa Azul.

6 – Eat something healthy and light before you leave for the night – shopping can be quite the workout.

7 – Leave the high heels at home.

8 – Wear a crossbody bag high in the torso by shortening the strap to show off your trendy instincts while being comfortable.





This text has been translated to Portuguese. Click here for the Portuguese version.