We are a sustainable curation network, we have a sustainable curation process and we built a social activation model that brings people and ideas from the online to the offline world. But we owe everything to the amazing talents who have been joining our network.

It’s to honour our amazing makers that we are launching, today, the social media initiative MAKERS MONDAY, a not-so-new movement built on the respect for the people who have risked everything to start small businesses based on their passion and skill for a craft, producing gorgeous high quality products. Check this movement history here.

We will post a new illustration, allusive to a specific craft, on our Instagram, every MONDAY, starting today. With every weekly illustration A MONTRA / THE WINDOW will tag a maker of its own network and that maker will be offering a present to a randomly picked winner (we will always post the terms and conditions of the giveaway with the weekly MAKERS MONDAY illustration).

Join our MAKERS MONDAY initiative by following our Instagram account and tagging an amazing maker in the comments of the weekly MAKERS MONDAY illustration, telling us why you like them so much. Take the time to explore the feeds of other makers tagged by someone else and don’t’ be shy: compliment their photos!

By joining this movement we wish to celebrate the excellence of artisanal work, the sustainability of manufacturing beautiful things locally and in a small scale, the creativity and talent of the very people that make up our network. We hope to encourage our audience to support local makers in their neighbourhoods and global makers whose craftsmanship crosses borders to amaze consumers everywhere.

Here is our first #makersmonday post. Go explore!