I love to travel. I also know that a lot of you feel the same. It is actually one of the only things I work hard to save money for. I prefer to save on clothes and other “luxuries” to be able to travel often – even if it ends up being on a budget anyway. Another thing that I really like to do is to save maps, bottle caps, shells and loose change (when I travel to a country that has a different currency). Basically I like to collect little souvenirs that are born from my experiences – as opposed to actually buying souvenirs.

So today, you’ll get two DIY in one post! So the first one has to do with all those things I collect as it is as simple as it can be. Just find a frame that has depth – so that money, shells, bottle caps and the things that have some volume fit. The idea is to create kind of a wall of memories from your travels. What you have to do is to glue the things to the bottom of the frame and put it on the wall. What I usually do is to save at least one flight (or train) ticket and that gives the theme to the frame. Being able to see those memories easily without having to open a book or a Facebook page, makes me feel inspired for my next trip and also happy and grateful that I got to experience that trip in the first place.

But let’s get to the one that is actually the reason for this post. There’s a quote about travelling that goes like this: “Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” and I agree. But you have to have money to start with. So let’s create a piggy bank to inspire you to save some money for travelling. It’s possible that you don’t even get to use the money you actually put in this piggy bank, but the fact that it exists and that you see it is a good reminder of your wanderlust.

So let’s get to the practical part of this, you’ll need:

  • A map – Scissors/rug knife
  • Glue
  • Box with transparent lid
  • Permanent marker
  • Some loose coins
  • A pen/pencil

TravelPiggy Bank

I used a box from cream cheese. They usually have a transparent lid so it was perfect. Mine had already been painted on the sides – but you can also wrap more of the map on the sides – so you don’t see the product information.

I started by choosing the map area I wanted to be in the main area and tracing the box on the map with a pen or a pencil. You should make sure the area you want fits inside the box once you cut it – so make sure you trace it facing the right way. My box had also some space on the edges so I glued other parts of the map there as well. It’s the same process: trace it, glue it and cut out the excess.

Once the map is in you can move on to the transparent lid. We are making an inspirational DIY so there’s nothing better than a quote to go with it. I researched a few and ended up writing my own. Here’s what you should keep in mind when choosing or writing your quote for this DIY: depending on the size of your box you should choose one quote that doesn’t take too much of the space and kind of covers the map. You want it to be an add-on and not the main detail. A trick to have you letters come out more centered and tidy: write the quote on a piece of paper first and put the transparent lid on top of it so that you can trace the quote with the permanent marker.travel-piggy_bankAfter the quote is done, it’s time to open a little hole for the coins. By this time you already have decided on a up and down side, so now use your scissor or rug knife to open a rectangular hole on the side top of the box. Make sure the biggest coin you have will fit through it and start pouring some coins!

This DIY can also be done with a frame – again with some depth to it – just keep in mind that the opening for the coins might be a little harder to open – since it might be wood. But it’s nothing you can’t do! So if you prefer that option, go ahead. If you are not the piggy bank type, but you still like this project, use it to save the loose coins from the countries you have visited. I actually use my piggy bank both ways – as a saving device and a money-souvenir saver.

I hope you get inspired to travel and collect memories!travel_piggybank