Autumn has arrived in Sweden and October is ready to welcome the season with a few suggestions to enjoy it! The leaves are turning yellow, orange, red… they are starting to fall and cover the ground with the season’s nature tapestry. If you live in this beautiful city or if you are just visiting during this month, check out some of the interesting things you can do with your time. Because sometimes you just have to enjoy life!


Something to visit

Alelyckan Recycling Park

Alelyckan Recycling Park is located in the outskirts of Gothenburg and provides an integrated view on recycling. It is the first facility of this type in urban areas, in Sweden. They have a visitors program with a professional guide that explains the chain of value and the organizational recycling cycle. They also have other activities such as workshops to renovate objects and a second-hand shop available. See more details and book your visit here.


Something to eat

Taverna Averna eco and organic certified restaurant

The restaurant Taverna Averna is one of the many eco and organic certified restaurants that Gothenburg has to offer. On the roof you can find organic farming of some of the ingredients that are actually used at the restaurant. If a client leaves a quarter of a pizza on the plate, the waiters ask if they want to take it home; and the water is not bottled, only tap. Go out for dinner and taste good food with the certainty that it is sustainable. Book your table here.


Something to see

Exhibition “Afghan Tales” @ The Museum of World Culture

Sweden is proud of its museums and Gothenburg has some of the most interesting ones. This month, we invite you to stroll into The Museum of World Culture to see the exhibition Afghan Tales” – created by 22 afghan photographers that wish to cast a different light in a country hurt by war.  “Yes, there is war, poverty and corruption in Afghanistan, no one can deny that, but there is also a normal daily life and good things are happening too” says Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, one of the photographers in the exhibition. All exhibitions in the museum also have free admission.


Something to read

“The Future of Life” by Edward O. Wilson

“The Future of Life” is a book about the future. Written by a scientist – Edward O. Wilson – it provides a hopeful vision to save the world while we can. It poses the important question “can human action help saving the natural world?”. You can find it in the city’s main library in swedish or you can look for it in one of the many second-hand shops around the city!


Something to try

Rent a bike

Rent a bike in one of the many spots around the city and just pedal your way through it. It’s cheap and worth it. The first 30 minutes are free and then the price starts to rise. You can even have a three day pack if you prefer. Gothenburg has a lot of cycle lanes that allow even the least experienced bikers to ride comfortably. One of the main advantage is that you can pick a bike in one station and leave it on another one. So don’t worry if you think you don’t know how to ride a bike anymore… I’m pretty sure you do. Get all the info right here.


Just indulge


Let’s finish this list in a sweet way. October is the month that hosts one of the bigger and most delicious festival of chocolate. It’s called the “Gothenburg Chocolate, Licorice & Delicacy Festival” and this year it’s celebrating its 10 years anniversary. So we guess it’s going to be 10 times better! It happens from 14 to 16 of October in Eriksbergshallen and you can buy your tickets here.