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I arrived successfully at the end of my challenge. Making a summary of the 4th and last week, I realize it was undoubtedly the easiest one. I ate well and I felt so good! And what is even better, is having people around me noticing these changes and beginning to get curious about this diet and wanting to give it a try. I love the way this feeling has spread to others!

Here’s what I ate this week:


Making a full assessment about this challenge, I can say the final outcome is very positive and successful. What I felt immediately after I started this diet, was intestinal regulation and a significant decrease in swelling. I felt more energy in my daily routine, I slept even better and I haven’t been sick yet, like it is usually normal for me this time of the year (everyone around me seems to have been affected by the flu, and I can say I have been immune to it!). I’m also surprise by how controlled my stress eating has been. In addition to this good news, I also lost some volume, weight and fat.

Here are my new measurements:

  • Weight 62,3 kg (64,2 kg)
  • BMI 21,4 (22,2)
  • Abdominal circumference 77 cm (81 cm)
  • Hip circumference 99 cm (99 cm)
  • Fat mass 24,2% (26,3%)
  • Muscle mass 45,3%(44,9%)
  • Visceral fat 1,5 (1,5)
  • Glycaemia 70 (75)
  • Cholesterol 215 (233)

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Paleo Lifestyle can be summarize to only weight loss. That is a possible result. The most important thing is that you’re becoming a healthier person, and that has to be your greater motivation.

So, should you go paleo?

It depends on what your goals and motivation are. One thing is certain: to begin a new lifestyle and diet it is necessary to have an open mind and heart that gives you the necessary discipline and enthusiasm to make it. Shouldn’t you give it a try?

And what about myself?

There’s no doubt: I’ll keep having this lifestyle and I hope that, in about six months, I’ll be celebrating a half-year Paleo lifestyle with all of you!

Thank you for joining me on this challenge!


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