Christmas has come to Lisbon

For me, and I guess for a lot of other people, December is a synonym of Christmas. The beautiful holiday lights in the city, the cold days wrapped in a giant scarf, the hot drinks and family meals… And yes, there are always someone who consider it a time of hypocrisy and cynicism, but I tend to refuse that idea and, at least in my family, we choose to have a spirit of solidarity, joy and peace. Well, I must confess that I have less and less ability to endure the endless traffic queues or the madness at shopping malls (don’t you dare tell me I’m getting old!). Despite all this craziness, here’s some suggestions of things to do in December at Lisbon.



“Exercise your brain – 30 days, 90 exercises, to train memory, mental flexibility and to sharpen the attention” 

Because at home we celebrate Christmas (and yes! some of the consumerism that it implies), this is one of the gifts that I would want to receive. I’ve tried out some Apps and games on my cellphone for mental workout exercises, but I’m currently trying to get away from similar devices, so I think I’ll choose the book, this time.



Solidarity Diary

I have little memory, so I’m obliged to put everything on a diary and I pray every day not to leave it in the last place I’ve been. Yes, I am this kind of person! It’s unthinkable for me to start the year without having my diary ready to write down all kinds of things, such as “lunch with Joana” or “putting the car to wash”. And this year, I get to buy a new diary and, at the same time, I’ll be helping the pediatric service of the Portuguese Institute of Oncology



Kit No Waste from A MONTRA / THE WINDOW

And if this year, you would try the No Waste Kit from MW for your Christmas meal shopping? Down here, we’ve already experienced it (click here to get a look of the video with Joana Limão using the KIT!). Besides the amusement of seeing people’s reactions, we are contributing, in a way, to the education of new sustainable mouvements.



The Christmas Music Cycle 

The Christmas Music Cycle in Lisbon, organized by EGEAC  is back and, for me, it’s an experience not to be missed, even if we aren’t the biggest fan of the holiday season. Until 17 December, churches, movie theaters and even the airport will serve as the stage for these concerts that will be featuring choirs, orchestras and fadistas!




This time of the year, we got a lot Christmas dinners, so my suggestion would be to gather your friends and family around the table of  Cozinha Popular da Mouraria, a restaurant where you can feel like being home. Want a better holiday spirit? It works like a communal kitchen, at it is a social project, located in one of the most unique whereabouts in Lisbon, where you can sense the flavors and others of other cultures. You’ll be able to cook and savor your dinner and don’t worry, you can be sure the kitchen is certified by food safety standards.


This post was originally written in Portuguese. Click here for the original text.