Let’s just admit it. It’s about time to start decorating for Christmas. Every year I like to do something different to make each Christmas a special one. With my mom, we create a new type of Christmas Tree every year – with different materials and themes. By myself I focus a little more on the decoration than the Christmas Tree.

So this year – painfully aware that our apartment in Gothenburg is small, I looked for a solution that didn’t take too much space… or even none. That’s when I thought about the windows. In Sweden, it’s tradition to have lamps and advent lights by the windows, but even if that wasn’t the case, I thought this project works anyway. What we are going to do is to imprint a frosty looking area and create the effect of snowflakes cut out on the frosty part. How? Let’s see!


Here’s what you are going to need:


  • Toothpaste (I used white)
  • Sponge
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Printer (optional)


Snowflakes cutouts are fairly easy to make and you can create your own. Here’s how to do it: start with a square piece of paper, fold it halfway creating a triangle and then fold the triangle as it if were a cape. Mentally divide the triangle in three parts – keep the corner as you center and fold one side over the other at the middle. This will make your star have at least 6 ends. Then start cutting from the folded part – cut whatever form you desire.

If making snowflakes without a guide is not for you, no worries. I have a cheating method right here. Just print some of these templates  in different sizes and follow the instructions. You’ll be all set. Since you are not going to keep the snowflake cutouts I advise you to use old sheets of paper: reuse, reduce, recycle. Once you have your snowflakes ready you’ll need a bowl of water to water them. That’s the trick to make them stick to the window.


So the first step is to wet your paper snowflakes and “glue” them to the window in your preferred disposition. Then take the sponge and wet it a little, but not enough to make it drip. Just soak it and then give it a good squeeze. Now get the toothpaste and put some on the sponge, rubbing it over with your finger. If the sponge is too wet you’ll make the toothpaste run down the window glass, ruining the effect of frost.

Now, carefully tap the sponge into the glass, tainting it with the toothpaste. Go around as much as you want. Be careful not to rip the snowflake out of the window when you are tapping down the toothpaste. Just be gentle, overall. When you are satisfied, just let the paper dry a little bit – not totally because it will be more difficult to remove – and peel it from the window. Oh! And extra tip – it’s not worthy to do it in a room that gets a lot of moisture, like the bathroom, since the vapor will make the toothpaste run down eventually. But hey, that living room window is asking for some embellishment, isn’t it?

There you go, an inexpensive, home-created decoration that will make your neighbors jealous of your holiday spirit!