Most of us are just romantic enough to be completely convinced that there is something magical about the start of a new year (I know I am). On day one of the year we can hit that shinny reset button, we can indulge in a new fresh routine, and we can make a whole new promising list of wishes.

Here, at MW, we believe that should be our everyday mindset. We should be able to respect ourselves and our ideal lifestyle goals to make every new month, every Monday and – why not?! – every morning a fresh new start towards what we want and aim for.

But the concept of trying to get everything in our life under control all at once is too overwhelming for most of us, simple humans. Just thinking about it can be exhausting, so, we don’t even want to start…

Inspired by the January Cure Apartment Therapy blog does every year – which some of us (a.k.a. me) are assiduous followers of – we decided to take a challenge ourselves and break the goal into smaller pieces.

We have put our cooperators, production assistants and bloggers thinking about ways to achieve this every-day-is-a-fresh-start mindset. The result is the MW’s Cleanse, a 31 days challenge for a simpler, happier and more conscious lifestyle, or a way to kick-start your appetite for change and progress this year. This is a way to getting us all closer to MW’s MANIFESTO.

To make it as painless as possible, we made a list of do-able action oriented ideas for you to go through, created for you to take small steps towards a big result. And we invited Elsa Poderosa to illustrate every one of these steps and create this beautiful calendar for you to cross of the days as you go.

Elsa Poderosa

BONUS: Download your MW’s Cleanse calendar illustrated by Elsa Poderosa.

The real challenge – the one that we at MW would love for you to take on – is to live each of 2017’s days like an opportunity for awesomeness. For such a goal, we leave you with 12 of our own resolutions to get you inspired for the New Year:

1 – Be grateful. Say ‘thank you’ and mean it more often.

2 – Be mindful. Be there, be present, spend your time wisely – remember it is limited.

3 – Be kind. Kindness is a weapon against sadness and bad vibes.

4 – Get involved. Vote – on an election, on a local budget decision, by signing a petition.

5 – Read more. Check the news in mainstream media, check the news in alternative media, sit down and read a book.

6 – Explore. Your home corners, your family’s photo albums, your neighbourhood, the local museum.

7 – Meditate. Just do it.

8 – Give up one bad habit. Coffee, sugar, alcohol, biting your nails… choose one and kick it!

9 – Challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid of trying new things.

10 – Find your therapy. Painting, dancing, boxing, climbing, writing, crying. Whatever works for you.

11 – Disconnect. Put your phone, tablet and/or computer down for at least (!) one hour every day.

12 – Let yourself rest.

Feeling inspired? Head over to MW’s Cleanse page and start on day one. No worries if you are late – no one is controlling you, we are here for support. Feel free to leave any questions and let us know how you are doing with your cleanse in the comments section. And share your progress on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #mwcleanse. Happy New Year!