January is the “bread basket” month of this life!

If I were asked to make a metaphor that would translate the symbolism of the first month of the year, I would say that January is the bread basket they put on your table at most restaurants. Does anyone resist that?

In fact, if you think about it, all good meals begin with a slice of bread that opens our appetite, “comforts” us, and “cheers” us up for what is to come. I would say “bad bread” is definitely a bad start… A little disappointment that it’s fatal to gluttony!

January is exactly the same thing: if you make it a good start you will feel like you are halfway to a great year. It’s definitely an extra motivation!

As you see I do belong to the overwhelming majority that sees January as an opportunity. I know it’s just a turned page on the calendar, but sometimes that “turning” is exactly what we need to move on and do something we really want to do. It’s the perfect excuse to make it happen. It’s the stepping stone of enthusiasm.

We that in mind I want to challenge you to try something new – in the kitchen, that is. Cook for yourself and/or for your family and friends. Enjoy your time in the kitchen and around the table with those you love. Most of all, be fearless – do not be afraid to make something you will not repeat.

I would even like to challenge you to set a goal for the year regarding today’s assignment: try a new recipe every month or, if possible, every week.

Why? Because by trying new recipes you will be choosing from a larger variety of foods with different colors, which means you will have a well-balanced diet. Long story short, you will be healthier. Because trying new things will make you feel adventurous, and it will increase your confidence and self-appreciation. You will probably pick up new skills and it will help you break out of a rut in your diet. And if this makes you cook more than before, you will save money on restaurants and take out.

Start today: go to the kitchen and cook something new. Read on to check the recipe I tried today. If you haven’t already, try one of our blog’s recipes. If you get excited use Pinterest to bookmark recipes you would love to try, watch a few cooking shows on TV (have you checked the new healthier and tastier than ever Nigella Lawson’s show?) and search the web for recipes containing specific ingredients that you already have on hand.

January Cleanse Day 4


It’s the perfect time for a revamp

In January, we want to roll up our sleeves and give our house a “facelift”. Empty our handbags and throw away the paltry paperwork (am I the only one who piles supermarket receipts at the bottom of my handbag? I hope not!).

In January we open the jewelry drawer and separate earrings from necklaces, we set aside what we will use from what we no longer want to keep… We promise to be healthier and to reinvent ourselves! Not to be a different version of ourselves…but to find a better one, to find our identity.

Thinking of this transformation and in the boost of our potentialities, I remembered today’s recipe.

It’s cold (which is part of January too) and nothing is better and more comforting than hot chocolate. Dense, drunk on the sofa while watching TV. Hot chocolate is a wonderful, wonderful thing, but… the one I do, apart from being delicious is super healthy! In fact, it doesn’t even contain chocolate. Confused? J

The recipe is made with Iswari’s “Macarroba”, which, if you wish, can be replaced with one or two small squares of carob chocolate, available in many organic supermarkets.

Carob hot chocolate


  • 200 ml of almond milk (or coconut milk, or rice milk… any milk you want)
  • 2 teaspoons of Iswari’s carob mix
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon (to taste)
  • 1 coffee spoon of vanilla extract


Mix all the ingredients over a medium-heat stove. Stir the preparation until it boils. Take it off the heat when it starts to bubble up and serve it in a big mug, with a “lazy Sunday” at the bottom of it. Hummm, absolutely delicious!

There you have it: the same old drink with a new twist and even more delicious! Because New Year is all about that: a transformation of what was good in something even better!


Head over to MW’s Cleanse page to check other New Year improvements suggestions and click here to download the calendar illustrated by Elsa Poderosa. No worries if you are late – no one is controlling you, we are here for support. Just start on day one. Feel free to leave any questions and let us know how you are doing with your cleanse in the comments section. And share your progress on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #mwcleanse. Have a wonderful and healthy fresh start everyone. With a basket of hot bread, from time to time. 🙂