We all know, from different perspectives, that less is more. Today I will take you to a new level of “less is more” called minimalism. A year ago, I quit my well paid job that allowed me to shop for things I didn’t really need to become an entrepreneur.

I’m a naturally adventurous person, which means I quit my job without having a business plan, clients or even a website. To be honest, I had nothing really, just a dream and a few ideas.

That being said, I knew I couldn’t start big, so I made a plan. From the savings of my previous job, I would have to pay my bills for 6 months, and basically adjust to this new (not so glamorous lifestyle). I was excited but so scared at the same time. Would I be able to adapt?

Time went by, and the initial fear gave place to a huge satisfaction. Living with less changed me. I no longer buy things when I don’t really need them, I don’t to go malls, just because its sale time, and I surround myself only with objects that I truly appreciate. I became more focused on my personal growth rather than having new stuff and new buying things all the time. This is what we call minimalism. I discovered minimalism a few months after starting my business, and instantly, it made perfect sense to me.

But what is minimalism? Minimalism is simplifying things. These things can be relationships, objects, activities, possessions, etc. The goal is simple: to live a meaningful life. But how? By removing all the excess we have in our lives. Excess of toxic relationships, excess of worrying about things we cannot control, excess of stuff. When we remove the excesses, we are creating a new space to what matters the most to us.

But let’s be honest, this removal exercise takes time, and it’s not easy. We have to constantly reassess our priorities. It´s a silence exercise made of growth and self-honesty.

Minimalism is not just a trend, it’s a new way of being in life. In this fast-passed society we live in, we all need minimalism in our lives. Let´s focus on what matters the most to us. Let´s spend more time with our loved ones. Let´s worry less with what others think of us. And let´s try to improve every single day.

To learn more about minimalism as a lifestyle, check the minimalists’ webpage  and to learn more on how to create more space in our house and detach from objects, learn with Marie Kondo.


This post was originally written in Portuguese. Click here to read the Portuguese version.