(Mother’s Day is just a little bit more than a week from now which doesn’t leave you with a lot of time to DIY something your mom is going to love. This is some inspiration for this year’s Mother’s Day gift straight from DIY genius Tatiana. Looking for beautiful stones to bring this project to life also seems like an amazing way to spend the 1st of May, don’t you think?)

May is a beautiful month. I love all the flowers, the good weather. Of course I do not suffer with allergies, so I’m guessing that makes it a littler better. May is also the month to celebrate your mother! This year, the Portuguese Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 7th of may and today, I’m going to write about a DIY project that can double up as a sweet gift for your mom.

As usual, we are going to get our supplies mostly from nature. I know, but I do like to go for walks outside and I can’t really stop myself from looking around and imagine all the projects I can do. This time I wanted to make a flower with sticks and stones!

Here’s what you are going to need:

  • Round, thin rocks
  • A stick
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A wooden piece

Start by selecting your rocks. Having the materials around you and placing it on the wooden board is the best way to create a draft for your project. You want to choose one round stone to be the centre of the flower. I was lucky to find one stone that was somewhat round and a little yellow, so that made for a perfect flower centre. After that you can choose your petals, if you prefer longer and slimmer petals, choose the rocks that look like that. If you want wider and rounder petals, go for that. As usual, you have the creative freedom to go about it as you want.

Then choose your stick to make the flower stem. I chose one that didn’t look too thick and disproportionate in relation to the flower. Also when it came to the disposition, I opted having the steam ending (or starting) at the end of a petal instead of in the middle. It felt more natural – and I thought it looked more appealing.

I also chose two wider rocks to be placed as leaves along the stick. I wanted to give it a more full look. If, for example your wooden base is wider you can pick a few sharp, thin rocks to place as grass growing from the ground.

Back to business! You cut the stick as short as you want. It’s best if it reaches from the flower all the way to the base of the wooden piece so it looks like it’s growing.

So you just place all your elements the way you want them. Take your time mix and matching and replacing elements, until you find a design that makes you happy. Then start glueing! I used hot glue, but I believe universal glue works just as well – it might just take a little longer to dry.

This craft project is extremely simple and fast to make, but do not forget that the important part is that you have fun in the process. Dare to take a little from it. Enjoy immersing yourself in nature while you look for materials, enjoy the play time while you choose where to position the rocks. Go ahead and make something else than a flower. Make a house, an animal, anything you feel like!

When all is glued, you just have to wrap it up and give it as a Mother’s Day present or… just place it in a beautiful place around your house. Maybe next to some plants? 🙂