Could you go a whole day without your mobile phone? Just the thought of it makes you start sweating and you have unconsciously reached out for your beloved smartphone. Maybe it’s not next to you and you start looking for it. Where is it?

Yesterday, I went out and about the whole day without my iPhone. Here’s how it went:

7.00 am – The alarm goes off, I frantically start pressing the snooze button on the screen and rest for 9 more minutes. Only 9 more minutes. That’s just what I need.

7.09 am – I was dreaming something nice, but I forgot what it was. Damn you, mobile! Second time I hit the snooze button.

7.16 am – The door to my bedroom opens, I can hear the dog walking in and he jumps on the bed, starts sniffing and if I don’t quickly cover my head with the duvet, he’ll start licking my face. I grab my iPhone in a flash of a second and open the weather app. It’s going to be 27 degrees Celsius today. Right, I better start thinking of what I should wear. I click on the Pinterest app and type “Birkenstock outfit dress”. Hmm…I don’t have any kind of those dresses. I think I’ll go with a skirt and a top. Without even thinking, I click on the Instagram app and start scrolling. Then I stop. Seriously, no one has done anything during the night, right? I’ve been sleeping, the people I follow have been sleeping…or do I actually follow people from all around the world and could they have been taken amazing pictures? Never mind, I have to get up!

7.46 am – I need to take a shower, have some breakfast, get dressed, clean up the mess, walk the dog and be at the office by 9 am.

7.51 am – Music, I need some music or some friendly radio voices. I grab my iPhone, click on my radio app DR Radio and start listening to P1. They will get me through the morning.

8.35 am – As soon as I walk out the building with the dog, I remember I forgot my mobile. I always take it with me so it can count my steps. If I go back to get it, I will be late and I don’t want the dog to wait any longer when nature has been calling him all morning.

8.56 am – That walk certainly took a long time. I leave the dog at home, get hold of my bag and computer and start walking to the office. I feel so privileged to be able to walk to work. I’m late, so I walk in a fast pace. Luckily it’s downhill.

9.05 am – Maybe I could walk faster if I was listening to some music, so I open my bag, start searching for my headphones. Headphones, check! iPhone, iPhone, iPhone…nope. No iPhone. Ah, I forgot it at home! Quick decision: not going back to fetch it.

9.12 am – Reached the office just before the others arrived. Yes! No one needs to know I was running late.

9.20 am – After everyone has arrived I tell my colleagues that I’m in a 90’s mood today, as I forgot my mobile at home.

2.22 pm – I notice that I’ve been more focused on my tasks today than usual. Actually, I don’t really feel stressed or anxious. It must be because I don’t have my iPhone next to me interfering with text messages, or any notifications popping up every other second.

6.44 pm – Done for the day! I was so productive today.

7.12 pm – I’m home, I take the dog out for a walk and take my mobile with me. 11 missed calls, 6 text messages and a huge number of notifications popping up. I feel stressed already and the only thing I did was looking at the screen.

7.40 pm – Arrive extremely late for an event at the embassy. Most people there are old enough to be my grandparents, which is awfully nice, because none of them reach out for their mobiles. Not even once. There’s a group of young girls who take selfies by the pool. When it’s a minority it actually looks odd.

9.30 pm – Home again. So, I spent 12 hours without my iPhone. I survived. So did the whole world. Nothing happened because I didn’t pick up the phone, didn’t answer a few texts or checked what was happening on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

It’s amazing how stressed out one can be because of such a small thing and how addicted you can become without even noticing. You just get used to it. I will definitely start leaving my iPhone at home during weekends. Maybe if people start leaving their mobiles at home when they have their day off, they will stress less and enjoy the most of every moment. Remember those times when you’re enjoying yourself so much that you even forget to take a picture and post it on social media. Let’s have some more of those moments!