We are increasingly disconnected from the world we live in. The children from the cities do not understand the origin of the vegetables they have on the plate. Adults live in a hurry, working hard to pay bills, and spend too much time comparing their lives to the perfect ones they see on Instagram.

Because we are so disconnected, and at the same time we’re being filled with so much information, we believe everything we are told. That diet solves all the problems, that cream ends with the wrinkles in 3 minutes. Oh, and do not forget that we always should eat organic and drink water with pH 9.5. And so, life goes on. We try to do the best we can in everything, and feel that we are always running to get nowhere.

If you are still reading me I ask you to stop.

Stop, please stop!

Stop to breathe, and drink a big glass of water. Then stop to do nothing, absolutely nothing. Now stop to listen to the silence and to be. To be without pressure, without worries, without deadlines, obligations and comparisons.

Stop, be yourselves and enjoy yourselves as you are. With cellulitis and stretch marks, with baldness, with pimples on the back and ingrown hairs. Was I too visual? Patience.

Accept yourself as you are, and accept that life does not have to be this marathon that we are all living. Work to live the life of your dreams, and do not work just to pay the bills. Strive to evolve as people you are and to make your experience on this planet more enriching. Travel more, please!

Worry less about the lives of others, about the pettiness of trivial things of everyday life, and value things that really matter in life, and that is as simple as to be happy.


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