The debate about each individual’s contribution to a better world and the social ability to make changes is becoming more and more present in our daily lives.

In this process, each one’s contribution isn’t always taken into account, and when it comes to taking part in change, there are three big myths holding us down.

The first on is the “All or Nothing” myth, that enforces the idea that there are only two options. You either care about nothing, or you care about everything, making everything right when it comes to the environment, animals, and people (preferably you’re an hermit fed by solar power).

The second one, and possibly the most dangerous, is the myth that “your contribution doesn’t make a difference”. It is usually accompanied by sentences such as “you can’t change anything on your own”  or “it’s bigger than the both of us”.

We’ve also been through the “it only matters on a big scale” moment. The core principle is that there are big problems hence there can only be big solutions. Taking away the relevance of small scale, fundamental, transformations.

It just happens that none of this myths make sense! Every single one of us is an agent of change in all attitudes and choices we make throughout our lives.

So, can we change the world? Yes, whether we like it or not, each stance we take affects our reality. But in order to be the change we want to see in the world (like Ghandi proposed) we  need to create new patterns, have conscience of our power and use the best tools, like knowledge, information, training and cooperation.

First, information, because we only recognize problems and learn it’s solutions if we are well informed.  Being demanding of the information that we receive and give is increasingly more important.

On the other side, in order to build the world we believe in, there must be training so that everyone can contribute to the fullest. It just happens that each one’s ability to be part is dependent on many factors and is often blurred by prejudice and stereotypes, especially in groups, often exiled because of gender, race, status or intellect.

It is urgent that we create conditions for everyone’s inclusion. A world build and decided exclusively by a group of people with similar needs and wants can never belong to everybody.

A community is infinitely larger than the sum of its parts and cooperation is a powerful engine for transformation. There are millions of networks and institutions that work towards the exchange of experiences, collective training and cooperation that empower groups to demand and create positive changes.

Joining a cooperation organization or network can be the best way to develop our potential as transformation agents.

We as A MONTRA / THE WINDOW are taking part in the change we believe in and we invite everyone to join us in this road. You can do so by joining our network and following the challenges and ideas we send out through our Calls For Talent  and Capsule Challenges . Give us ideas and share what are you doing to change (your) world.

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