‘Estrelas e Ouriços’, the project that since it began in 2007 has dedicated itself to facilitating happy moments between parents and children, has been awarded with the Five Star Award in the category of Roadmaps and Family Activities. More recently, and in the context of the award received, the magazine-like platform has been working to mark its presence in the community, making ideas become real projects.

With a cultural and leisure agenda accessible to all, ‘Estrelas e Ouriços’ is known by the intervention of specific groups, challenging them to various experiences and activities. It covers programs, workshops, exhibitions and other events that meet the needs and interests of all, whether they are paid, free, entertaining or educational, and discovers sites, services and “child-friendly” products.

In the online platform, you can find the ‘Estrelas e Ouriços’ guide – a publication of cultural and leisure activities that includes monthly suggestions of cinema, theatre, exhibitions, concerts, libraries, workshops and thematic articles in the field of pedagogy, cooking and family themes.


With its new focus on community, ‘Estrelas e Ouriços’ intervention has now come offline, under the ‘Estrelas e Ouriços na Comunidade’ umbrella, with the following projects:

‘O menino que colecionava estrelas’

“Why am I different from other kids, mum?” The book ‘O Menino que colecionava estrelas’ (the boy who collected stars) tells the story of a little boy called João who, one day, climbed a mountain trying to find a music that seemed from a party. When he reached the top, he met several boys, all of them different, unique and special. The story was written by Joana, the mother of Tiago, a little boy with cerebral palsy. Passionate by illustration, Ana was challenged to illustrate Joana’s words and Esfera dos Livros (a Portuguese editor) made the idea possible by editing the book.

‘Judo na Casa do Gil’

‘Estrelas e Ouriços’ challenged the Gil Foundation for a different project and they accepted. The chosen activity was judo. In addition to the sports component, other themes from Japan were introduced and developed, such as the art of origami and Japanese drawing. The classes are experienced with a great desire to learn and to go further. The students are challenged to create new routine, such as photographs, drawings, constructions or stories to be written.

‘Viver Portugal’

With the purpose of providing cultural and leisure experiences to the young people integrated in the CACR – Casa de Acolhimento para Crianças Refugiadas (House of Reception for Refugee Children), ‘Viver Portugal’ (living Portugal) is a set of trips in our country. Each month there is an activity, a new experience, a new theme to develop in Portuguese classes. Moments lived in groups, by young people without a common past: different nationalities, languages, paths.

‘Falar com mães’

‘Falar com mães’ (speaking with mothers) is a cycle of thematic sessions for young mothers in disadvantagious social conditions, accompanied by ‘Banco do Bébé’ (Baby’s Bank) and the ‘Associação Humanidades’ (Humanities Association). Here are discussed mother-child issues such as healthy eating, primary care, the importance of playing and stimulate the baby and there is a developing of theoretical and practical sessions with babies.

Activities, projects, guides. ‘Estrelas e Ouriços” is this and much more. But above all, it’s a project that aims to provide families with great moments, making them smile and building beautiful memories!


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