Being focused on something is important. However, what really strengthens our focus is the objectives and goals we create based on it. Objectives help us live a life in line with our focus, as well as create a sense of urgency that drives our daily and weekly actions.

Our objectives put us in the driver’s seat of our life. Without them, we’d be in the back seat, that is, if we were even in the car.

There’s a great way to look at the major objectives of our lives: they should leave us both enthusiastic and frightened at the same time.

We will never meet or have sufficient energy to maintain goals unless we are excited about them. We must, therefore, set goals that really thrill us and that we are passionate about.

At the same time, our goals must scare us. It is this fear that will make us grow and unlock all the potential we have within us.

The moment we create an objective and set goals, we do not know exactly how we will achieve them. That’s normal! For example, when the US President John F. Kennedy made the 1961 speech about America putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade it was an exciting goal. Did President Kennedy and NASA know exactly how to do it in the moment? Probably not. This is the scary part of their objective.

What we can learn from President’s Kennedy goal is that he created a deadline: “putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade”. Like him, we must also set a date for our goals, this will create a sense of urgency that places power and drive in our daily and weekly actions.

So, make sure that your goals are both exciting and scary at the same time and that they have a time limit to happen.

Back to the man on the moon example, in response to President Kennedy’s goal, NASA had set some minor goals, to ensure the fulfillment of the prior goal and motivate people to achieve it. In our lives, we need to do the same: set smaller goals that will help us achieve the greater ones.

Finally, we can’t look at our goals as something stationary. They aren’t something we set at the beginning of the year and look at them only by the end of it. We must keep our focus on achieving them, reviewing them several times. And, why not daily?

Another important aspect is to write them down. Author Brian Tracy says, the very act of setting goals and write them down increases your likelihood of achieve them by about 10 times. When writing our goals and objectives we are defining a direction and pace for them.

Goals and objectives are like a roadmap for our lives, so it’s important to write them down:

  • Great goals and objectives that both excite and frighten us.
  • Intermediate goals that will help us to progress and motivate as to reach them.
  • How and when we will review them.


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