“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”

 John Burroughs

In these days, the word mindfulness is everywhere. More and more, we need to be reminded of this concept and we need to practice it continuously. We need it to be part of our routine as the simple act of drinking water.

Mindfulness is the art of being present in the moment. Without self-judgements, emotions, thoughts, beliefs or future and past. It is living life at one hundred percent.

We know it’s impossible to live in this state of permanent consciousness, but it is conceivable to find moments in our daily life where we can dedicate ourselves to this practice.

Today, I bring to you some exercises that allow us to be more present in this connection between us and nature, while appreciating its beauty.

For those who live in the city it’s possible to do all these exercises as well. After all, nature is also in the trees of public gardens, in our streets, in the municipal flowerbeds, in the sunset and sunrise. Even in the city, we are part of a whole, surrounded by nature. We’ve just to be aware and notice how it develops.

5 exercises to live nature in a more conscious way:
  1. Listen to nature: Look for a quiet place. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature. Choose a beach, a park, a neighborhood with trees, your yard, whatever you prefer. Render yourself to the sounds and notice how your body reacts to them. Dedicate to this exercise for about 10 minutes.
  2. Breathe: In the same place, observe all the details that nature has to offer you. Look at the leaves shape of the trees or the waves emanating on the beach. Take a deep breath as you focus on the exercise. It will help you clear all your senses and absorb all of it. If you’re worried about time and all the things you still must do, take another deep breath. Focus on the exercise and not in the tasks not yet fulfilled.
  3. Touch: Get up and touch the environment that surrounds you. Feel the leaves on the trees or embrace the tree itself. Feel the sand in your hands and let your body run through these elements. Let your skin touch mother earth. You will feel a greater connection. Distractions are now a lesser preoccupation.
  4. Smell: Feel the scents that nature brings to you. Try to identify them and associate it with good memories. Does the smell of rainy soil bring you memories? And the sea?
  5. Repeat and improve: When you’re ready to finish the exercise, it will end. Take a deep breath and remember everything you felt during it. Write down mentally or in paper, so you can realize where you can improve.

Let ourselves get carried away is the true essence of this exercise. The simplicity in which the union between us and nature is manifested is, by itself, so powerful.

So, let go and surrender.


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