Christmas is around the corner and if you still haven’t put up your Christmas tree, it’s about time! If you did, there’s always space for an extra set of tree ornaments.

Here’s what are you going to need:

  • wood slices
  • wood burner
  • pencil
  • rubber
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • cotton thread
  • scissors


As you know my “store” of preference is the nature, so I asked for some help from my dad to cut some slices of wood and drill a hole in them.

After choosing the best slices, it’s time to design what you want to see in your tree ornaments! I went with christmas elements such as snowmen, snowflakes, bears, santa and so on. But you can choose your theme!


Now the burning and the painting can be done in any order you like. I find it easier to paint after burning the motifs in. If you don’t have a wood burner or wood engraver you can simply paint all the way. Or if you like a more coherent look you can use only the wood engraver. This bit takes some time and takes a lot of patience, but I’m sure you’ll feel so happy when you are done.


Put the thread through the hole and hang your new works of art.  They will look so pretty once you put them up on your tree and yes, you can also give them out as christmas gift!